Billericay Methodist Church issues an Annual Report every year. The following extracts include the foreword by the Senior Steward and those sections of the report referring to activities at The Christian Link, the home of Queens Park Community Church. The full report can be downloaded from the Menu on the left.



Thank you to all the various group leaders who have contributed to this booklet for Billericay Methodist Church, both at Western Road and Queens Park. I have enjoyed reading all of the reports. It is very inspiring to see so many different activities happening in our church, there really is something for everyone. As you read through the reports perhaps a group may interest you that you would like to join they would love to welcome you! If you would like to know more about any of the groups or activities please visit our websites, or, please pray for those who are leading, and all involved in so much organisation.

We give thanks to God for his faithful guidance, our strength and our inspiration that makes Billericay Methodist Church what it is today. We serve him through these many activities and pray for continued vision and inspiration to continue to serve in established and new ways.

Lastly, a big thank you to Mike Tuggey for all his hard work in preparing and collating this Annual report.

Sue Quinney

Senior Steward



We have two teams of stewards at Billericay Methodist Church, one for Western Road and the other mainly focusing on worship at Queens Park. Both teams meet regularly at each others homes where we can share fellowship and ideas for the life of our church. We are always joined by our Minister, Judith Maizel-Long and Lay Worker, Helen Croft; we are very grateful to them for their enthusiasm and contributions to our meetings. The team from Queens Park, (Liz Read, Shirley Green and Val Harris) attend meetings at both churches and exchange ideas for our Church Anniversary, Harvest Supper, Christmas and Easter celebrations among other things.

The Harvest Supper last autumn was very well supported by all ages of the church family. We were entertained by our Youth Worker, Ray Skudder and our teenagers from Youth Cell with a comedy sketch followed by board games, giant jenga and wii car racing games. It was a big success and more than 500 was raised for Hope HIV Aids.

We are currently making preparations for the Church Anniversary which takes place on the 5th and 6th of March. We will be celebrating 87 years of worship at Western Road. Saturday evening will be an Auction of Pledges and all money raised that evening will go to Little Havens Childrens Hospice. We will also be serving a Bring and Share supper. On Sunday morning we look forward to Rev. Shirley Clayton leading our worship.

I feel that this year there have been five senior stewards, not just one. They have shown their dedication and enthusiasm and have made a great contribution to the life of our church. It has been a privilege to serve the church and it has allowed us to get to know more about our church family and make new friends. The team works very hard but we do need more stewards. Every steward brings new ideas and talents to the team. We have all been blessed with gifts, we just dont always recognise them. Speaking in front of the church family before any service can be very daunting but once you have made that first welcome you will feel Gods love in the warmth of the church family. If you would like to know more about becoming a church steward please speak to either Judith or to one of the stewards.

I can hardly believe that I have been Senior Steward for almost a year, the time has just flown by. I do feel a fraud calling myself Senior when all of the stewards from Western Road, David Westcott and Lyn Bowditch, Gill Rogers and Keith Overall have helped share the duties with me. I thank them all for their support, as well as the Ministry team and the whole church family.

Sue Quinney


The key elements of income and expenditure relating to the running of our Churches at Western Road and Queens Park for the years 2009/10 and 2010/11 are as follows:

Cash Flow

2009/10 Actual 2010/11 Budget 000 000


Offertories 113 107

Youth Work 10 9

Gift Day 5 0

Tax Recoveries 26 25

Property Grants 0 3

Use of Premises 37 32

Interest 2 2

193 178



Circuit Contribution 100 101

Youth Work/SMB 19 22

Property/ Maintenance 43 48

QP Quinquennial Work 0 1

WR Church Lighting 16 0

WR Data Projector 0 4

Miscellaneous 10 8

188 194


Net Cash Flow 5 -6

Year End Bank Balance 133 127

The year ended 31 August 2010, saw a small surplus. Our offertories and tax recoveries, including money to support our Youth Work, were less than the previous year. However, following the resignation of Dave Chuck in April 2009 and the appointment of Ray Skudder as Trainee Youth Worker in October 2009, Youth Work costs were also lower.

During the year the much needed replacement of the Western Road Church Lighting was carried out. 15,000 towards the cost of this work had been raised the previous year from our Gift Day (11,000) and a grant from the Fowler, Smith and Jones Trust (4,000). We are grateful to John Lee for overseeing this project.

Gift Day 2010 raised 5,000 which has been shared equally between our two sister churches in Kenya.

During the current year, we have budgeted for the continued employment of Ray Skudder as a Trainee Youth Worker. Unfortunately our budget also reflects known reductions in our offertories.

A special thank you goes to Hazel Westcott, who has willingly stepped in to handle our Gift Aid work, as well as covering our banking every Monday morning. Thanks also to the team who help her with the banking Alec Garner, Maureen Loss, Yvonne Pasola, Geoff Pullen and Margaret Salmon, and to Vince Loss for auditing the churchs year end accounts.

Martin Ball

Worship at Queens Park

Life at QP continues to develop and grow. Last year Alan wrote about Marks departure but after gaining permission from the circuit we were able to quickly move forward with the appointment of a new Outreach Worker, and on one not particularly nice day in the middle of January the panel met to interview the shortlisted candidates, and ably led by Marion Cole we appointed Helen Croft who joined us in April with a formal welcome at a Circuit service on the 18th.

However in the meantime we didnt stop and I would like to thank everyone who contributed and encouraged others and prayed to ensure that our activities continued during this period, especially Philip Gibson who acted as our manager / co-ordinator.

We have continued in our mission of praying and serving the local community and in April held our Inside Out day when we invited groups that use the premises to have a small display to show people what goes on in the Christian Link on a regular basis, and with tea and cakes provided by the Brownies the day was very successful. On that day we prayed for the organisations that meet in our premises and then in September we held a prayer event for our Church Fellowship.

Tuesday evenings have grown to be a QP evening and we now offer activities on a regular basis including Bible Study, film nights and a prayer/worship evening.

Our worship has progressed with the introduction of holding the evening service on the 5th Sunday in the month at QP. This is combined worship for the congregations from both sites and is a more informal caf style with coffee available before the service. It was at this service in October that we met to join with Ray and Jenny as they committed their lives through full immersion baptism. We have also held a few Messy Church events, specifically for families although everyone is welcome and we have the next few already planned.

There are so many folks who give freely of their time and I would like to thank them all for ensuring our premises are well organised, that our worship is uplifting and that we are able to show Gods love to the Community through the provision of activities. However in particular I would like to thank Elizabeth Hardy who has stepped down from being our pastoral worker and Alan Jubb who was our senior steward. We are truly grateful and give thanks for all they have done (and still continue to do albeit in slightly different roles).

Liz Read

Children at Queens Park

Over the past year our work has involved the continuation of Little Sparrows as a drop in play session for carers, babies and toddlers. Our thanks to Chris, Pauline and Val (friends of our Church) who help Christine Gibson facilitate the activities on a Monday afternoon.

In December some of the Little Sparrow members along with other young families from groups who use the building joined us for a second very successful Cracking Christmas - an afternoon craft and nativity family time.

On Sunday mornings Suzan Prior along with Anna Laughland, and Shirley Green continue to provide Christian teaching in a fun way for any children who come to join us.

We thank God for his call to reach out to the children in our community and we pray for His blessing as we share His love with them.

Suzan Prior and Christine Gibson


6th Chantry Brownies

2010 was the year we celebrated 100 years of Girl guiding, and 6th Brownies had fun completing the Adventure 100 badge. We went to BBC radio Essex and recorded a jingle the Brownies had written. 4 Sixers returned the next week for a live broadcast and World Premiere of the jingle! The Brownies mums and grannies also helped celebrate the centenary by knitting 100 bears for Teddies for Tragedies, and we raised over 200 to send them overseas. We joined 5 other Brownie units for a centenary holiday at Skreens Park in September, and all the Division met at Emmanuel church for the finale, where members all around the world renewed their promise at 20.10, on 20th Oct, 2010, and it was really moving. Interest badges have seen us cooking, sewing, learning self-defence, cleaning cars, growing sunflowers, and staging what is becoming an annual event; Brownies Got Talent!

Our adult support is as strong as ever, with 2 leaders hoping to open another guide unit in the church, and another helper beginning her leadership training. The Young Helpers have been a constant, reliable and indispensable help, and on top of their studies we cannot thank them enough, they are amazing.

Helen Harpole


Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain for the Queens Park Community Church (the Christian Link) has, once again, been utilized over the past year as in previous years. It is good that people feel prayer can help them. It runs on a much smaller scale than the Western Road Prayer chains and only uses email. The prayers are requested for those individuals who are more associated with Queens Park Church but we do forward prayers to and for the Western Road contact point where appropriate and we occasionally get messages from Western Road for the Queens Park Chain. It is good that we can all share our Prayers with others. Prayer is an important aspect of Christian life no matter where we are or who deals with it since we are all one Church.

Don Ward

Coffee Pot - Thursday and Friday

Thursday & Friday morning Coffee Pot's, at Queens Park, been running well over the last yea, with numbers fluctuating each week, as occasionaljoin regular friends. The weather has an affect on numbers too, as many of our regular visitors are on the elderly side.

On Thursday's the Craft Group meet regularly, with 8 to 12+ ladies enjoying chatting time, while doing Knitting, Embroidery, Beading etc. We also have extra people to be served, if there is a 'Parenting Course', which usually runs for 6+ weeks, or one off 'Children's Centre' meetings.

Thanks to Maureen Davis and Shirley Green, who took it in turns to serve, every other week. We said 'Goodbye' and gave our thanks to Joan Hagger, who stepped down in the middle of last year after 6 years service. Thanks too, to Helen & Christine, who pop in, and are willing to stand in, if needed. It was with much thanks, that we also had to say 'Goodbye' to Audrey Taylor & Yvonne Pasola, at Christmas, they had served together Coffee Pot7 years, on alternate Fridays.

This meant we had to find 2 people to take on the responsibility, for these. As it became apparent there wasoneto do this, we decided to ask 6 people to work in 3 groups of 2 on alternate weeks, meaning each of these 6 people only did a duty every 6 weeks, which seemed to be much more acceptable, and is working very well.

Thank you, to my 2 ladies, Eileen Rogers & Monica Gravett, who have helped me over the last 7 years on alternate Friday's, and continue to do so. Friday mornings also see 12 people at 'Pause for Thought', which is now led by 6 to 8 different people, on a Rota basis, with thanks to Ann Bray & Tom Patient, who take it in turns, to us on the Piano, for Hymn singing week.

We had our usual 'Macmillan Coffee morning in September, we raised 180. We've also been selling Tradecraft goods, at both mornings, for a few months. We are also pleased to Welcomeserve, the Friday morning Cell group, who now meet at QP every other week.

Elizabeth Hardy

Queens Park Court Activity Group

We meet on Mondays at 10.30am to share an hour of gentle craft, tea and chat with the residents. Our nine regular helpers contribute their own memories and items from the past to bring each week's topic to life. We hope to see around ten or twelve residents attending each week although there has been a slight drop lately due to ill-health.

This year we have had our usual flower-arranging sessions, saint's days, Remembrance Day and enjoyed music from "The Wizard of Oz", "South Pacific" and "The Sound of Music". We reminisced about TV programmes of the 50's, our memories of London and in Spring discussed Prime Ministers of the past.

Each month, usually the last Monday, we have "Time to Share", a short service. The Easter service, will be on 18th April and you are welcome to join us.

Ann Bray

Esthers Spa

During the year we held four sessions Spring and Autumn Spas, a Summer soiree and a Winter Warmer. Thanks go to all who helped provide the services and supported our outreach.

It has been decided that in future Esther sessions will no longer be planned for the year ahead but may be offered on a one-off basis from time to time as we feel led.

God has been good over the years in always supplying our needs and we ask that He will continue to bless all those who have attended, helped and benefited from the relaxing experience at the Spa.

Christine Gibson


Wednesday Morning Art

Arrive 9.00a.m Set up room: 4-5 tables for use as work tables

1 table with jars with clean water

1 table with paper, pencils brushes paint boxes, rulers, erasers, water colour paper. (hopefully) people will bring their own equipment as the weeks progress)

1 table with pictures etc and books on painting

Check tea, coffee, sugar, milk, cups, biscuits etc and have set up ready in the kitchen.

9.30.a.m Start Week 1, 3rd September Programme:

Welcome and introduction

Establish beginners from more experienced painters.

Anticipate experienced painters will be prepared to start on their own pieces of work but hopefully they can be encouraged to lend a hand with any beginners who may need some friendly advice.

Discuss with beginners the basic equipment that one needs e.g. type of paper, brushes paint, paper towels ( for blotting colour) palette for mixing colours.

Go on to the three main areas paintings can be divided into, life, still life, composition e.g landscape.

This first morning we will take a fairly simple object like an apple and try to draw it in pencil, noting the shape and more importantly the light and shade we observe. We pinpoint the angle that the light is strongest and if possible any highlights, and use pencil to shade in to create the three dimensional effect on paper. We will then go on to look at our paints and talk about colour. Try experimenting with different colour combinations. Should then enable us to decide how to now paint the fruit that we had previously drawn. We must circle in pencil very lightly where the highlight is and leave that white.

Place an emphasis on observation with reference to objects and then our landscape. hoping people will start to really look at their surroundings. Continue this week with perhaps each person painting a small group of fruits.

Pat Crabb


I am pleased to report that Q.U.O.G's are still going strong. Our monthly meetings are well attended with an average of 30 members per month. The programme offered is more of a social meeting that seems to meet the needs of our members, we are beyond ''Setting the world on fire'' just happy to be among likeminded folk, relaxed & have a bit of a laugh.

Our Christmas events are usually booked for December but due to weather conditions actually take place about March by then the evenings are drawing out nicely & somehow it all works out well. We have a couple of coach trips each year including a Theatre/Meal trip to Southend. We welcome newcomers we always finish with a cup of tea & home made cake starting at 2.30 P.M. till between 4.30 & 5 o'clock

Joyce Scott.

Big Breakfast

Once again it's good to report that ''Big Breakfast'' is still catering for the local folk who make this a monthly social event. Average numbers are still reaching 50+ a month & it's not always the same customers every time. We have kept our price down to 3.00 per person & hopefully will be able to carry on albeit the cost of food is increasing. We donated 500.00 to the church a couple of weeks ago & 100.00 to Help The Heroes. Thank-you for your custom & a Big Thank-You to my team, without them I would not be able to do it. Anyone wishing to take over apply to Joyce Scott {now form an orderly queue}.

Joyce Scott